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Empty Your Cup - A Meditation

A scholar widely known for his keen intellect visits a Tao Master at his humble abode.

The Master graciously serves him tea, just like what he does to every visiting guest.

While the Master is pouring tea, the scholar talks about Tao.

The Master continues pouring, even when the cup is filled to the brim. The cup soon overflows, and the scholar can no long pretend not to see it.

“It’s overfull, Sir!” Exclaims he. “No more tea will go in!”

“You are like this cup,” says the master. “How can I show you Tao unless you first empty your cup?”

You may have heard this story before, but do you know you could be unknowingly doing what the scholar does? For example, do you remember to empty you mind everyday, before the next day begins. If you have not, how can you allow anything fresh to fill up your mind in the new day?

- He who is most perfect seems to be lacking; yet his resources are never outworn. - He who is most full seems vacant; yet his uses are inexhaustible. Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching 45

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